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May Is For Metta

May Is For Metta Virtual Program

31 Days of Loving-kindness Meditation & Exploration

Happening Live…

May 1st – May 31st, 2022

An Annual Event Facilitated by Beth Shekinah Terrence

About May Is For Metta

May is For Metta is an annual event created by Beth Shekinah Terrence that happens annually from May 1st to May 31st on The Heart Of Awakening Blog.  This time offers an opportunity to participate in daily Metta, Loving-kindness meditation and practice.  Our virtual sangha (community) has participants from all over the world.  This is an opportunity to practice and cultivate more lovingkindness in oneself, others and the world is available anytime, anywhere.  In all years this is a powerful practice and connects people from all over the world.  This year it falls amidst the COVID-19 crisis ; it is an important time to find ways to cultivate compassion and connection.  We hope you will join us for this virtual gathering!

For those who are new to Metta and/or a daily meditation practice, May Is For Metta offers you the opportunity to build a practice and to create a space for stillness and peace.  This is one of the most loving acts we can do for ourselves.  And, so how wonderful to begin with the practice of Metta, cultivating loving-kindness and compassion for ourselves, others and the world.

For those who currently have a daily meditation practice and/or have worked with Metta practice before, this is a time to for you to go deeper.  One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is to always come to a teaching or practice with a beginners mind, even if I have done it before.  From this place of openness and unknowing, lies a great opportunity for developing our understanding and can allow us to become more present to the moment.  So, you may begin totally anew with the practice or you may practice the full practice for the 31 Days, using the daily guidance as a way to explore the depths of Metta.

In a gradual way, each day will offer simple guidance on how to begin and stay present with a daily practice. It is up to you how much time to commit and how deep you will choose to go.  A part of the journey is uncovering where we resist, get stuck and withhold from ourselves by not creating the time and space we need to be centered and whole.  So in essence, this 31 Days is really an exercise in Loving Ourselves enough to commit some time and space to be more present; the vehicle for creating that time and space is the practice of Metta and daily meditation.

If you concerned that you cannot commit, I encourage you to use one of the wisdom slogans of many 12 Step Programs and just do it “one day at a time”.  Really, there is only this moment and then, there is another moment, and another.  Meditation teaches us to be in the present moment fully with our whole being.  Loving-kindness allows us to be open to whatever is present and arising our lives in that moment with openness and compassion.

My wish for each of you is that you will follow the guidance of your heart and be willing to explore in a way that is loving and gentle with yourself.

I look forward to sharing this sacred journey with all of you during May or whenever you feel the call to explore it.

Tashi Deleh! (I honor the greatness within you!)

Beth Shekinah

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  3. varungenius says:

    Namaste Beth! Really nice motive and wonderful blog! And yes, I am a daily meditator too and in my experience I must say that I enjoy it like nothing else…..it’s a wonderful feeling of relaxation. I’m travelling different worlds….different spaces…..not by moving, but by being still :)

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