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The Heart of Awakening: Searching For A New Paradigm

Started in 2012, the original vision of The Heart Of Awakening Blog was to create a space to share ideas and inspiration that can help to uncover authenticity and truth as we explore together how to embody the big picture in daily life.   Now in 2018,  I continue to honor the vision of the Heart of Awakening and will offer the annual May Is For Metta program here on bethterrence.com each May as well as other offerings and posts throughout the year.

The original koans (questions) that inspired the creation of the Heart of Awakening blog include:
  • How do we hold the big picture in daily life?
  • How do we live as spiritual beings in a human body?
  • How do we find our authenticity in the world and stay awake to the truth of who we are?
  • How do we live and breathe universal truth?
  • How do we embody the big picture in all of our experiences in the world?”
Remembering the big picture and living the full truth of who we are is the key to creating change in ourselves and in the world.  By coming from a place of connection and wholeness, anything is possible!  
One of the keys to this is to access and allow heart wisdom to be our guide. I hope you will join me as we explore together and journey into the Heart of Awakening.

One of the ways to stay in touch with the big picture is to honor natures transitions as well as our own.  What better time to explore this than as we move through the transition from winter into spring. Known as nature’s birthing season, spring is considered a time of creation in our world.  Energies, which were drawn inward in winter for rest and renewal, are now ready to come forth and blossom.  The first
As I have been exploring and connecting with the big picture and how to live it more consciously in daily life, one thing I have become aware of in my own journey and in working with others is the need for balance.  This is a huge topic, which I feel to explore in many ways, but for now I am speaking about balance in relation to the big picture. Obviously, the big picture is BIG! 
Being human in 2012 feels like the foundation has shifted in many ways, sometimes it feels like there is no foundation at all.  Some theories are the poles have shifted, the ley lines have changed, it’s the end of the Mayan calendar, old systems are falling, new ones are emerging and the list goes on.  Clearly, there are many things impacting life on earth at this time.   What I have experienced on a personal level