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The Heart of Awakening Blog

The mission of The Heart Of Awakening Blog is to support:

  • Living from the Heart
  • Embodying Awareness, Authenticity and Purpose
  • Integrating a Holistic Approach to Being
  • Embracing the Interconnectedness of All Things
  • Honoring and Respecting the Sacredness of Life

The vision of The Heart Of Awakening Blog Community is to create a space to share ideas and inspiration that can help to uncover authenticity and truth as we explore together how to embody the big picture in daily life.  The koan (question) for this blog is:

How do we hold the big picture in daily life?  How do we live as spiritual beings in a human body? How do we find our authenticity in the world and stay awake to the truth of who we are?  How do we live and breathe universal truth?   How do we embody the big picture in all of our experiences in the world?

Remembering the big picture and living the full truth of who we are is the key to creating change in ourselves and in the world.  By coming from a place of connection and wholeness, anything is possible! One of keys is to access and allow our heart wisdom to be our guide.   I hope you will join me as we explore together and journey into the Heart of Awakening.

Love & light,

Beth Shekinah Terrence

Being human in 2012 feels like the foundation has shifted in many ways, sometimes it feels like there is no foundation at all.  Some theories are the poles have shifted, the ley lines have changed, it’s the end of the Mayan calendar, old systems are falling, new ones are emerging

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  1. Marcia Berry says:

    Hello Kindred Sister – Thanks for adding your expression to the divine conversation. The more folks explore the questions posed in your meditative inquiry, the more WILL awaken and become an active soulful agent of the transformation. I am so grateful to have spiritual community and a host of practices that remind me of the big picture. I call upon mediation, chanting, sacred dance, prayer, sacred geometry, energy practices, writing practice, journaling, communing with Nature and my dog, and of course the dear ones and friends. Looking forward to your ongoing expression.

    • Beth Terrence says:

      Marcia, thank you so much for sharing your journey and for joining in the beginning of this one. One of the things I am hoping for here is to create connection, community and to explore our common threads, which is emerging so beautifully already.

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