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The Heart of Awakening Blog

The mission of The Heart Of Awakening Blog is to support:

  • Living from the Heart
  • Embodying Awareness, Authenticity and Purpose
  • Integrating a Holistic Approach to Being
  • Embracing the Interconnectedness of All Things
  • Honoring and Respecting the Sacredness of Life

The vision of The Heart Of Awakening Blog Community is to create a space to share ideas and inspiration that can help to uncover authenticity and truth as we explore together how to embody the big picture in daily life.  The koan (question) for this blog is:

How do we hold the big picture in daily life?  How do we live as spiritual beings in a human body? How do we find our authenticity in the world and stay awake to the truth of who we are?  How do we live and breathe universal truth?   How do we embody the big picture in all of our experiences in the world?

Remembering the big picture and living the full truth of who we are is the key to creating change in ourselves and in the world.  By coming from a place of connection and wholeness, anything is possible! One of keys is to access and allow our heart wisdom to be our guide.   I hope you will join me as we explore together and journey into the Heart of Awakening.

Love & light,

Beth Shekinah Terrence

To the Great Spirit – First in all things, Creator of all Life,  Who was, and is, and will always be;  Who, within the immensity of all creation,  Is uniquely present here and now, in this moment.  To the East –  The quiet coming of the new dawn,  The joyous breaking
“In my room, the world is beyond my understanding;  but when I walk I see that it consists of three or four hills and a cloud.” – Wallace Stevens During our first year of practice in 2010, one of our participants shared that she had incorporated her practice of Metta
Metta meditation is a practice of cultivating understanding, love, and compassion by looking deeply, first for ourselves and then for others. Once we love and take care of ourselves, we can be much more helpful to others. Metta meditation can be practiced in part or in full. Just saying one
“A human being is a part of the whole called by us”universe”, a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us,
May the earth be wholesome everywhere The world blessed with prosperity May the poor and destitute find wealth And the stooping animals be freed. May every being ailing with illness Find relief at once from suffering May all the sickness that afflict the living Be instantly and permanently healed. May

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  1. Thank You for the beautiful blessing. I’m teaching a gentle yoga and 5 Tibetan class this morning for the first time in ten years and opened to this prayer after a blazing sunrise. So beautiful.

    • BethTerrence says:

      Hi Alvina! Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a beautiful combination! I need to get back to the 5 Tibetans, too. Much love to you!

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