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Heart of Awakening Blog

The Heart of Awakening: Searching For A New Paradigm

Started in 2012, the original vision of The Heart Of Awakening Blog was to create a space to share ideas and inspiration that can help to uncover authenticity and truth as we explore together how to embody the big picture in daily life.   Now in 2018,  I continue to honor the vision of the Heart of Awakening and will offer the annual May Is For Metta program here on bethterrence.com each May as well as other offerings and posts throughout the year.

The original koans (questions) that inspired the creation of the Heart of Awakening blog include:
  • How do we hold the big picture in daily life?
  • How do we live as spiritual beings in a human body?
  • How do we find our authenticity in the world and stay awake to the truth of who we are?
  • How do we live and breathe universal truth?
  • How do we embody the big picture in all of our experiences in the world?”
Remembering the big picture and living the full truth of who we are is the key to creating change in ourselves and in the world.  By coming from a place of connection and wholeness, anything is possible!  
One of the keys to this is to access and allow heart wisdom to be our guide. I hope you will join me as we explore together and journey into the Heart of Awakening.

“ONE GREAT QUESTION underlies our experience, whether we think about it consciously or not:  What is the purpose of life?  I have considered this question and would like to share my thoughts in the hope that they may be of direct, practical benefit to those who read them.   I believe that the purpose of life is to be happy.  From the moment of birth, every human being wants happiness and does not want suffering. 
“Love and peace are qualities we cultivate through the choices we make.  It is up to each of us to make this choice of our own accord and equally our opportunity to share this energy from within.  No one can do it for us.  So if you wish to see how much love and peace is growing on the planet… be that love and peace and you will begin to notice it all around you. 
My life blazed with the desire To serve as a thread Joining Heaven and Earth                                                                       ~ Haiku by Masahisa Goi One of the things that may happen when we are cultivating loving-kindness and compassion is that we become more attuned with these energies and may be drawn into connection and community with like-minded others.  As each being becomes more of an embodiment of these positive qualities, they are not just bringing change to themselves but