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Bach Flower Of The Month: Star Of Bethlehem ~ The Remedy Of Comfort

Star Of Bethlehem

“Grief is a most peculiar thing; we’re so helpless in the face of it. It’s like a window that will simply open of its own accord. The room grows cold, and we can do nothing but shiver. But it opens a little less each time, and a little less; and one day we wonder what has become of it.” ~ Arthur Golden

I have been feeling to bring Star Of Bethlehem into the monthly posts and now is the perfect time as the energy and support it brings can really be of benefit this time of year.  As I shared in my recent post, Autumn Tips For Happy & Healthy Living, this season is one that can bring feelings of sadness, loss and grief to the surface.  Dr. Edward Bach, creator of the Bach Flower Remedies, referred to Star of Bethlehem as “the comforter and soother of pain and sorrows”.   It is one the five remedies that is part of the well-known Rescue Remedy®, which is the only pre-made composite Bach Flower Remedy designed for use in emergencies and for acute stress and it is an essential part of any holistic medicine cabinet.

In the Bach Flower System, there is a category of remedies that are indicated for Despondency and Despair; Star of Bethlehem is in that group.  This can also be defined as remedies that may support “depressive feelings”.  I say “depressive feelings” because in the Bach Flower System and other holistic modalities, we do not treat a specific disease or condition such as depression or diabetes, but we focus on the whole person.  As Dr. Bach would say, “We treat the person, not the disease.”  These types of feelings or traits are an indicator of where a person is experiencing some type of imbalance or disharmony that needs to be addressed.

In determining what Bach Flower Remedies would best support a person, the practitioner and client work collaboratively to identify emotional states and personality traits that are present at the surface.  It is by addressing this outer layer of experience – i.e. what is at the surface or being experienced on a daily basis that we begin to access where a person is out of harmony with their soul and ultimately, the greater whole.  The remedies help to soothe our imbalances and like beautiful music, bring in vibrations that harmonize our being.  As we address one layer, then another will surface, bringing to light others areas that are in need of attention and healing.

In my own healing journey and my work with others as a practitioner over the last 15 years, I have found Star Of Bethlehem to be one that is often needed.  Star of Bethlehem is indicated when there are feelings of sorrow, grief, sadness or loss at the surface as well as when there are old losses coming up that we have not grieved.  Also, as the remedy of shock and trauma, Star Of Bethlehem is highly beneficial for anyone who has experienced trauma, and although it is this can occur in varying degrees, most people have experienced some shock or trauma that has gone unresolved in their lives.

Trauma can exist on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit.  And, it is something that creates an imprint in our being that often stays with us until we attend to it.  Some traumas resolve themselves naturally, however, it is not uncommon for those energetic imprints to remain and lie dormant until something triggers a re-awakening signaling it is time to be resolved.  This is often experienced when we have a loss occur and the new feelings arising tap into the great pool of unresolved loss we tend to carry within ourselves.

We may think of this only in terms of emotional trauma, but this can even be seen in the case of physical traumas or injuries when suddenly the pain or restriction of an old football injury or childhood accident resurfaces.  And, from many of the case studies of Dr. Bach, it was seen that unresolved shock and trauma on any level might later manifest into a physical condition.  Star Of Bethlehem is the remedy indicated to help resolve these patterns that may be affecting us on many levels.

Dr. Bach shared the following words about the Star Of Bethlehem remedy:

“For those in great distress, under conditions which for a time produce great unhappiness.  The shock of serious news, the loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident and such like.  For those who for a time refuse to be consoled, this remedy brings comfort.”

Here are some questions to see if Star Of Bethlehem may be beneficial for you at this time:

  • Are you experiencing feelings of sorrow, grief, sadness or loss?
  • Have you had a recent loss or one from the past that you are still struggling with?
  • Do you have a tendency toward feeling despondent?
  • Have you experienced trauma or abuse?
  • Are you working to resolve the effects of past trauma or PTSD?
  • Are you in a state of shock or numbness?
  • Do you feel a sense of agony that comes from what you have experienced?
  • Are you in a grief period or in the process of healing or grieving prior losses?
  • Do you feel like you carry a thread of sadness that won’t leave?
  • Are you experiencing a seasonal type of depression with feelings of sadness, loss and grief bubbling up?

Star Of Bethlehem has many benefits that support our ability to move through shock, trauma and loss.  Here are some of the ways this remedy can provide support:

  • Neutralizes shock in any form, current or past, from bad news, accidents, losses, etc.
  • Helps to clear and release trauma
  • Eases feelings of sorrow, grief, sadness and loss
  • Supports inner child healing
  • Brings us a deep sense of comfort
  • Helps to bring us back into the body and awaken us after shock or trauma

In thinking about losses, we tend to focus on the loss that comes through a death.  It is important to consider that there are many types of losses that can affect us – the loss of relationship, a job, a home, or a phase of life.  Even when we have an experience that is positive, such as getting married or having a child, it is possible that we feel some sense of loss due to the change in our lives.  It is natural to need to give some time and space to the feelings of loss that may arise in response to the constantly changing aspects of our lives.  In these cases, Star Of Bethlehem can provide a support as can Walnut, which helps us to ease through our transitions.

Also, I’d just like to mention that Star Of Bethlehem can be highly beneficial for animals that have suffered any type of abuse or trauma.  In my work with Rescue animals, their histories are often uncertain.  Whether they have experienced abuse in their prior situation or merely the trauma of being moved from one situation to another, Star Of Bethlehem can support them.  Rescue Remedy is always a good starting point for “Rescue” animals, but treatment with Star Of Bethlehem can be a great support in the resolving the trauma an animal may be carrying and can help them to settle into a new situation with greater ease.

I’d love to hear your experiences with Star Of Bethlehem or any thoughts, reflections or questions that may arise in response to the post.

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  1. Amanda King says:

    Thank you, Beth. Just the remedy I do need.

    Blessings, Amanda

    Amanda King, LCMT Massage | Zero Balancing 617-461-7516 http://www.clearbodymind.massagetherapy.com

    • Hi Amanda. Thanks for your note and happy you have found a remedy that’s needed. Feel free to stop by back and share your experience with Star Of Bethlehem if you feel to. Love & light, Beth.

  2. […] Star of Bethlehem is for sorrow, grief, sadness and loss.  Autumn is a time when these types of feelings can tend to be at the surface, just as nature is going through a “dying” process, we can tend to feel a sense of loss.  Star of Bethlehem also is a remedy for trauma, both current and past.  (Learn more about Star Of Bethlehem: The Remedy Of Comfort) […]

  3. Sohair Benjamin says:

    Hi Beth,

    I recently had a miscarriage (a few months ago), and the loss was unbearable. I was despondent, numb, confused and really struggling. The hardest part was having to deal with empty advice from everyone who had never experienced it, but knew better. As the weeks went by, I managed to just about pull myself together. Although my wounds were still fresh, a week ago my mother-in-law broke the news, in utter joy might I add, that my sister-in-law is pregnant. I broke. Struck by anger, disappointment and grief, I once again found myself back in the hole I tried so terribly to close. This however changed the day my mother brought me the Star of Bethlehem Essence. I started taking it religiously and have felt an immediate sense of relief since. I came across your post whilst looking for more information and found that your article gave me a clear understanding of this remedy. The way you have described it is the way I feel it supports me. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone that’s in pain and seeks comfort. I am still working through my loss, but with this remedy I can feel the progression and it has helped restore my faith that everything will be ok. Thank you for you clarity and taking the time to help others heal themselves.

    Peace and Blessings,


    • Hi Sohair. Thanks so much for sharing your journey and your pain. That is courageous thing to do and can be a helpful part of the healing process. I am so happy that you found the Star Of Bethlehem remedy through your mother. It is so beneficial in supporting the healing loss, grief and trauma; also the sense of shock which you touched on in your description is right on. I’ve been a bit off on my monthly posts but just want to mention another as well that I will share on soon, Sweet Chestnut. This is in a similar category to Star Of B but is for when you feel like the foundation of your life has been torn away, utter sadness and loss and uncontrollable tears. Thanks for your wonderful feeback on the post and wishing you many blessings on your journey. Feel free to stop by anytime to share. Love & light, Beth.

  4. Pam says:

    Hi Beth, Are there any contraindications to be aware of with the star of bethlehem remedy? I just lost my father and have the family memorial to attend soon. I was looking for a remedy to keep me calm and unemotional during this period. Is this the right remedy for me?

    • Hi Pam. Thanks for your note and so sorry to hear about your loss. There are no contraindications with flower essences as they work vibrationally rather than medicinally like drugs or herbs. Star of Bethlehem is the remedy of comfort for loss, grief and trauma. It is something you may wish to take for some time after a big loss or to heal old traumas. I would also recommend Rescue Remedy for the more acute time such as during family gatherings – this includes Star and four other remedies meant for times of acute stress or shock and can really help balance your system. Sending many blessings to you and your family and much light to your father on his transition. Beth

  5. akismet-ba970b4b84a1358c2919832e9cbcd9e5 says:

    Hi Beth, what dosage do you recommend for very strong grief? My 10 year old daughter, Erin, died on August 14. I am devastated and find that most days, I am still experiencing such grief and sadness that I cannot bear it. I bought the Star of Bethlehem last week and I have been using 4 drops 4x/day but I am not sure if it’s working. I know my grief is strong and fresh. I’m doing everything I “should” be doing but I am in misery. Thanks in advance for dosage advice., Nicole Canter

    • Hi Nicole. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. As the remedies work vibrationally, you can take them as much as you need to. 4 drops/4x day is the minimum you need to have the benefit. Not sure if you are taking directly from the tincture bottle or have a mixing bottle? In the mixing bottle, you put 2 drops of the essence in 1 0z. of spring water. This will help it to last a lot longer and you can add more than one remedy if needed. They usually sell these along with the remedies. Also, for such extreme sorrow and anguish, Sweet Chestnut may be indicated. Another indicator is that you feel you have beared all you can endure and may have lots of uncontrollable tear. Here is a post on Sweet Chestnut – http://theheartofawakening.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/bach-flower-of-the-month-sweet-chestnut-easing-anguish-sorrow/. Also, Rescue Remedy can also be beneficial in helping your system to recalibrate. Be gentle and loving with yourself. As one of my teachers always shared about loss and grief – “It takes as long as it takes and it’s different for each person.” I hope you will allow yourself to grieve in whatever way and time is best for you. Glad you have found the remedies as a support and feel free to stop by to ask questions anytime! Love & light,

      • akismet-ba970b4b84a1358c2919832e9cbcd9e5 says:

        Thank you for the extra advice. No, I don’t have the tincture bottle. I’m just putting it under my tongue, then drinking some water after a few minutes. Honestly, I appreciate the tip on making it last longer, but I don’t care how many bottles I have to buy at this time as long as it is working. I know this takes “as long as it takes,” but I can’t stand this. It’s unbearable, and I have to find my way out of this deep distress as soon as I can. Otherwise I will drown in it. I’m going to read the other article (and yes I cry nearly all day every day still), and print this out. Thanks again.

  6. Michelle says:

    Hello Beth,
    How do I give the Star of Bethlehem to my cats?

    • Hi Michelle. Sorry I missed your note right away. There are two ways to give remedies to cats or dogs – one is to put the drops in their water bowl. This works as long as you know they are drinking water regularly. The option is to put a drop or two on your finger and then put it on the cat’s nose. They either lick it or it will get absorbed through the pores. I find this way works well. Best wishes to you and your kitties!

  7. […] Autumn I shared a post on Star of Bethlehem: The Remedy of Comfort and it’s benefits for the feelings of loss and grief that may arise as begin our seasonal […]

  8. bev says:

    Hi my young golden retreiver was recently involved in an unprovoked horrific dog attack would star remedy help her through this trauma and how much do I give her she’s nine months old and I feel this has also happened to her in her previous life many thanks and have a nice day

    • Hi Bev. I am so sorry for missing this comment and for the attack. I’ve been a bit engrossed with May Is For Metta. Star of Bethlehem is definitely beneficial for trauma. You may want to use Rescue Remedy for a bit of time as this is for acute crisis, stress, accident, etc. and then continue with Star for a period of time. For animals, I recommend giving it two ways – you can put a drop or two on your finger and just rub it on their nose- they will either lick it or it will get absorbed through the pores. Also, you can add the drops to their water bowl. 2 drops of a single remedy and 4 drops for Rescue per cup of water are indicated so adjust according to bowl size. The Rescue Remedy does come in a pet formula which has a glycerine base rather than alcohol like most tinctures. I’ve found animals are fine either way for the most part as it’s a trace amount and they really respond well to the remedies. I do consultations for pets as well as people so if going forward you need additional support, feel free to visit my website to learn about sessions in person or by phone/skype – http://www.bethterrence.com. All the best you and your pup!

  9. Great read, a good reminder to get back into using Bach flower remedies; I will also mention the Star of Bethlehem remedy in the sequel to my novel – it ended rather horrifically with the sudden death if her husband!

  10. Danjal Jannik Nyberg says:

    Hi Beth,
    Long story short, I am struggling with extreme sadness (I hesitate to call it depression) because of a could’ve-been-relationship I may or may not have effed up. I, of course, have experienced heartbreak before, it’s all part of being human, but this time it feels so much more devastating.
    I have in the past used the Rescue Remedy, and a couple of weeks ago I bought 11(!!) different flower remedies. I haven’t used them every day, because some days I felt like I was okay. Not fine, but okay.
    Now, is it just me, or can using the remedies for relieveing sadness and grief, cause you to cry? Because it seems like every time I use them, I start crying uncontrollably. I know that crying is part of the healing process, and I’m not ashamed of it, I was just wondering.

    • Hi Danjal. As the remedies are helping to transmute emotions, sometimes they can bring up the feelings more strongly. This is in a sense a clearing process, however it can be quite uncomfortable when this happens. I have seen it most often occur with Star of Bethlehem. When it arises it usually only lasts a couple of days and if it’s bearable, it’s best to allow it to move through. If not or if it’s at a time when you cannot be melting, you can take less or even stop the remedy for a couple of days and then come back to. Rescue Remedy can be helpful in addition to or instead of when this type of intensification occurs. If you would like additional support to discuss the remedies you have selected or create a custom blend, I do offer Bach Flower Consultations by phone or Skype. Feel free to visit my website to learn more at http://www.bethterrence.com. Many blessings on your journey of healing and transformation. Beth

      • Danjal Jannik Nyberg says:

        Thanks for the reply!
        This is what I thought, I just think I needed confirmation. As I said, I don’t take them everyday, ’cause some days I’m okay.
        One of the eleven I bought was indeed Star of Bethlehem, so it makes sense.
        Thanks again :)

  11. Prashant Padhye says:

    Thanks a lot

  12. Great article. I am taking Star of Bethlehem for numbness, dissociation, childhood trauma and abuse. So many huge losses all coming up, or down. Taking my time.
    Comfort–bring it.
    Thank you. Your article nailed it.


  13. Jonny says:

    Umm, isn’t star of bethlehem poisonous to cats and Dogs? Might be worth putting a cautionary not in the animals section.

    There are also potentialy harmful side effects for humans whose health is in a certain condition.

    • BethTerrence says:

      Hi Jonny. Sorry it took me so long to respond to your note. I have been in the process of moving my blog and finally catching up. That’s a great question and although the actual star of bethlehem plant may be harmful for animals or humans to ingest, the flower essence is not harmful at all. It’s safe for everyone including animals and even babies. Flower essences are made by either sun soaking flower petals in water or boiling them. After time, the flowers are strained off and the water infused with the essence is used to make the mother tincture. There is not actual plant material in the essence just the vibration of the flower which has been captured. Flower essences are a form of energy medicine. This is very difference than if you were to take an herbal supplement or medication where you are actually ingesting the plant or chemical material. Hope this answers you’re question. Also, on Star of Bethlehem, I’ve found it very supportive for animals who’ve been through rescue and may have experienced trauma that is unknown. Feel free to ask any followup questions on Star of Bethlehem or other Bach Flower Remedies. Best Wishes, Beth.

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