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“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls.”

~ Dr. Edward Bach

Welcome! I’m Beth Shekinah Terrence.  I am a Shaman, Holistic Health & Wellness Facilitator, Recovery Coach, Speaker and Writer.  I offer an integrative holistic approach to life and well-being, which incorporates education, self-exploration and experiential practices.

I’ve been working in the field of Holistic Health & Wellness for over 22 years.  For the last 12 years, the heart of my work has been Shamanic Healing, an ancient healing approach that assists others in transformation on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit.  In 2014, I became a certified Recovery Coach with a focus on holistic recovery approaches that now includes nutritional support.  And, I am very passionate about teaching what I have learned and training others to be helping professionals.

Today, I focus my work in three main areas:
  • Integrative Shamanic Healing
  • Holistic Recovery Pathways
  • Facilitation, Training & Speaking

My mission is also three-fold:

  1. To support, educate and inspire individuals and communities in creating a heart-centered, balanced and joyful life through connecting with their own inner wisdom and discovering the healer within;
  2. To bring holistic resources and wellness programs to the realm of addiction and mental health recovery through supporting individuals, families, community groups, providers and organizations.
  3. To utilize my experience and skills in the areas of facilitation, speaking and writing to educate and train others on holistic approaches, transformative processes and recovery coaching. 

Additionally, I am passionate about sharing my story of personal recovery from addiction, trauma and fibromyalgia so that I can be a resource and support for those seeking recovery as well as an advocate helping to end stigma for those still struggling.

When people visit my site or meet me and hear what I do, they often say something like “you seem to be doing a lot of different things”.   I used to feel there was something wrong with this but I am someone who has walked a lot of paths, traveled through fire and emerged with an incredible sense of wholeness and serenity.  I am incredibly passionate about what I have to offer in each of the areas I work in and I thrive on diversity of experience.  And, most of all, I see the interconnectedness in all I do.  The clients who choose to work with me see it, too!

I have come to truly know who I am and what my gifts are through the ancient spiritual practice of Shamanic Healing as well as other holistic healing arts.  This is at the heart of my work today. 

Shamanism has been around for millennia.   I consider myself a modern shaman and yet, I have apprenticed in a very traditional way, studying one on one with the shaman for the last 15 years.  I continue that apprenticeship today as the foundation of my life as well as my work with others and feel blessed to carry this ancient wisdom forward to support healing and well-being in our modern world.

The essence of Shamanism holds these principles:

  1. Everything in our world is alive and has meaning;
  2. We are all connected through what is referred to as “the web of life”; and
  3. It is through cultivating a deep sense of connection with ourselves, others and our natural world that we learn how to bring harmony and balance into our lives the world we live in.

I view disconnection as one of the greatest diseases of our time.  It is my deepest passion to help people reconnect and learn to nurture their sense of connection with self, others and the world. It is in this space of connection that our inner peace, soul wisdom and true gifts are found.

My own life journey was the beginning of my path today.  And, a big part of that was healing the sense of disconnection I felt with myself, others and the world.  I feel blessed to have travelled through the darkness of trauma and addiction to find the light inside of me, to experience hope and joy living in the world and to feel CONNECTED.

Recovery is not linear and mine was not in any way shape or form.  My trauma and wounds went very deep as many people’s do. Since my early teens, I struggled with anxiety, depression and substance use.In my 20’s, I began to explore many holistic approaches to support healing a physical health condition I experienced called Fibromyalgia.

It was during this time of healing that I came to truly understand the impact of trauma on my life, my mental health and substance use, which was being driven by the severe chronic emotional and physical pain I had been experiencing since childhood.

It still took many years for me to move forward in recovery but gradually I began to see my mental health and substance use patterns begin to shift and lead me toward long-term recovery.  And, it was when I finally came to experience Shamanic Healing that the hole inside of me that I believed would never go way; and would probably kill me at some point in my life actually began to heal.  This was when my recovery and healing really began.

Today, I continue using holistic pathways as the heart of my personal wellness and recovery.I am also very passionate about sharing holistic resources and wellness tools to support others on the journey of mental health and addiction recovery as well as for overall health and well-being.

In addition to working with individual clients and facilitating trainings, I teach meditation and mindfulness, lead holistic programs and retreats, and speak as much as I can at conferences on topics related to holistic approaches to healing and recovery.I also love to write.I have written several stories about my own healing journey as well as articles to provide information on holistic pathways.

I look forward to exploring with you! Feel free to use the contact from below if you’d like to learn more about my offerings and programs.

Tashi Deleh! (I honor the greatness within you)

Beth Shekinah

P.S. If you’d like to hear a bit more about my healing and recovery journey, watch my “This Is My Brave” presentation of “From Numbness to Oneness: Recovering Body, Mind & Soul” from May of 2018.